With the focus on the auxiliary drive: new runway straps

It consists of everything – from servo control and air conditioning compressor to water pump and alternator – ancillary drive is crucial for the comfort and safety of vehicles today. And we have everything we need to help workshops in work processes.

Some time ago, the auxiliary drives were quite simple: a trapezoidal belt worked on separate chains, but then it was only necessary to maintain the operation of the alternator or water pump. Nowadays, the auxiliary drive is much more complicated as a strap drives many components-from the alternator and the air conditioner compressor to the water pump and the servo control. This can only be achieved by using multiple tensioned rollers and belt washers, as well as extremely durable and sturdy track straps that are easily bent.

Prepared for any repairs

With this in mind, Continental now expanded its range of additional drive components with 18 more sets and 40 water pumps. “These products are suitable for millions of applications in the vehicles on the European market,” says Maximilian Pape, Product Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at the Continental Power Transmission Group. “This means that we offer a full portfolio of additional drive components, which allows the repair shops to handle almost any repair activity skillfully.”

In addition to spare parts, Continental also offers “Tool boxes” boxes with instant with everything you need to carry out reliable maintenance and repair. The specialized tools in these boxes are an example of this. Meanwhile, Conti Belt Wear Tester (BWT) provides professional mechanics with a quick and easy way to evaluate the wear of the belt. This little helper is very important in the difficult daily life of repair shops.

Additional information about our new kits of runways, water pumps and the various tools described you can find in this link.

In this link, however, you can find more information about the strap wear evaluation tool.