Xado SPURI JG-2 fuel cleaning and improvement 125ml.

An improved product designed to improve fuel, clean the fuel system, lubricate and protect against wear of parts.
The product thoroughly cleans the fuel system, as well as the exhaust gas system. Provides 10% more power per unit of fuel and thins the winter consistency of the fuel.


Removes dirty deposits, sludge and even small amounts of condensed water in the fuel tank. Dissolves and disperses the water introduced into the fuel during prolonged use;
It is economical to use, as it leads to savings of 5-12% by putting a huge amount of energy concentrate into the fuel;
For more perfect combustion, the exhaust gases will be free of slag, thus reducing pollution. The emission parameters are improved (especially recommended before a green card), the smoking from the exhaust system is reduced. Excellent results are obtained with two-stroke engines. Good lubrication, no smoke, quiet operation. It has a lead replacement effect on unleaded fuels without the use of heavy metals and halogen batteries;
The engine becomes more dynamic, cold starts easier, balanced idling, better acceleration parameters;
Explosion energy is increased due to high temperature and pressure of droplet lubrication, exhaust gas polishing effect and engine temperatures are reduced;
In addition to the basic perfect combustion, it keeps solid particles suspended in the exhaust gases, so soot deposits are completely eliminated and water vapor is removed from the exhaust system faster and more intensively, eliminating the corrosion process. Significantly saves on exhaust catalysts!;
Reduces burning of injector tips and wear on the fuel pump and metering system. Ensures optimal cleanliness of engine spark plugs, cleans and keeps clean intake and exhaust valves and cylinder head soot at lower temperatures;
Dissolves a small amount of condensed water in the fuel and leads it to the combustion chamber, thereby eliminating ice plugs, freezing and water corrosion;

The product is suitable for all petrol, diesel and gas engines of cars, agricultural machinery, pumps, etc.


Pour the product into the fuel before refueling;
One package of 125 ml. is sufficient for 40 – 60 liters of fuel;
Package of 500 ml. is dosed (100 ml additive per 40-60 liters of fuel);


Xado SPURI JG-2 fuel cleaning and improvement 125ml.



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