Xado 30032 Radiator Flush radiator flush 250ml


1. Effectively and quickly (10 min.) cleans the car’s cooling and heating system.

2. Forms a protective anti-corrosion coating on system details.

3. Reliably removes scale, rust and dirt deposits in the cooling system.


1. It neutralizes the acids formed and is completely safe.

2. Increases engine cooling efficiency.

3. Neutral with respect to the structural materials of the system – alloys, aluminum, plastics and other seals.

Application method:

1. Warm up the engine, but not to the maximum point.

2. With the engine off, pour the contents into the radiator/expansion tank.

3. Let the engine run for 10 minutes at idle, with the passenger compartment heating on.

4. Turn off the engine and drain the old coolant.

5. Fill the system with water and let the engine idle for 2-3 min.

6. Stop the engine, drain the water and fill the system with the new coolant.

Use before every coolant change.
When the engine is hot, the cooling system is under pressure. Be careful when opening the radiator/expansion tank cap, hot steam or liquid may escape from underneath.


Xado 30032 Radiator Flush radiator flush 250ml



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