Xado Peaceful oil 1l

Mineral oil with low viscosity and a complex of additives for flushing the engine and mechanical transmissions. Contains Revitalizer. VERYLUBE washing oil is designed for cleaning oil systems of engines, gearboxes, differentials, reducers, etc. Special preparations for dispersing, anti-wear and extreme additives make cleaning the oil system absolutely safe (in 30-40 minutes) and effective from all types of contaminants (up to the level of technical cleanliness).


Absolutely safe flushing of the oil system to the level of technical cleanliness (VitaFlush technology).
Wear protection reserve (XADO technology).
Restoring the mobility of hydraulic lifters and segments.
Possibility of accelerated cleaning of heavily contaminated surfaces (up to 30-40 minutes).
Eliminates the sticking effect of hydraulic lifters.

Engine Application:

Drain the warm used oil.
Fill the flush oil to the minimum on the oil dipstick.
Start the engine and let it run at idle speed for 10-15 minutes (for heavily contaminated engines – up to 30-40 minutes).
Stop the engine and drain the oil by replacing the oil filter.
Pour in the new XADO engine oil.

Application for gearboxes:

Drain the warm used oil.
Pour in the flushing oil (as much as the capacity of the unit).
Ensure operation of the unit, without load (the wheels must be in the air) for 10-15 minutes (in case of heavy pollution up to 30-40 minutes).
Stop the vehicle and drain the oil.
Pour in the new XADO oil.

Technical information:

Density at 20 °C, kg/l 0.885

Viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s 30

Viscosity index >100

Flash point °C 210

Freezing temperature °C < -15

Acid number mgKOH/g 30


Xado Peaceful oil 1l



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