Xado Maxi flush 700ml

Specially developed for use in professional injection and nozzle cleaning stands. Contains REVITALIZANTR. Effective for all fuel injection systems (K, KE, L-Jetronic, etc.). It can also be used for direct cleaning in the fuel tank, without the need for a stand!


Quickly removes all types of dirt and deposits from the fuel system;
Cleans intake valves, nozzles and combustion chamber;
Ensures accurate dosage of fuel injection, restores spray parameters, optimizes the combustion process and leads to fuel economy;
Reduces the propensity of fuel to detonation;
Contains REVITALIZANTR, thanks to which it effectively protects the needle valve of the injector from wear and oxidation;
It optimizes the operation of the system and extends the working life of the injectors by 2-4 times;
Safe for lambda probes, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters;
In terms of effectiveness, it surpasses the highest quality specialized preparations for professional cleaning of leading car chemical manufacturers;


1. For bench cleaning:

Before use, the product is mixed with high-octane fuel in a ratio of 1:1;

2. To clean without a stand:

Pour the contents of the product into the tank before charging;
In a package of 300 ml. fill between 40 – 80 liters of petrol fuel;
In a package of 700 ml. load 40-80 liters of gasoline fuel (for more intensive cleaning);

Preventive use is recommended every 10,000 – 20,000 km.


Metal box 300 ml. – XA 40503
Metal box 700 ml. – XA 40208


Xado Maxi flush 700ml



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