Xado Magnum for engine 90ml.

The product creates a new metal-ceramic coating on the friction parts of the engines, and the parts grow in volume, restoring their original geometry.

As a result, the restored parts have the strength of metal ceramics, improve their current performance and increase the service life by 2 to 4 times


Provides protection to the driver within 100,000 km.
Increasing cylinder compression;

Reduction of fuel consumption;

Increase engine power;

Reduction of emitted harmful gases: CO2, CO, HC;

Protection of engine parts from subsequent wear;

Increase the oil pressure to its original values;

Engine protection during “cold start”;

Increase the acceleration of the machine;

Reduction of noise and vibration up to 10 times;


1. Warm the engine up to operating temperature.

2. Place 1 tube of HADO MAGNUM in the engine oil.

3. Allow the engine to idle for 10 min.

One package of HADO MAGNUM / 90 ml./ is intended for engines of machines with an oil system volume of up to 41 liters.

XADO MAGNUM is compatible with all types of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. It does not change the viscosity and their properties.


Xado Magnum for engine 90ml.



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