Xado 30027 DPF Filter Protection (Diesel) 250ml

When using low-quality or contaminated fuel, deposits form, which can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the particulate filter or to its clogging.

We offer you an additive that protects the DPF filter for solid particles when using low-quality fuel.


Protects the particulate filter from clogging;
Neutralizes the effects of low fuel quality;
Ensures more complete combustion of the fuel, increasing the cetane number and increasing engine power;
Comprehensively cleans the fuel system and the combustion chamber from all types of dirt and deposits;
Contains only organic compounds (non-metallic), which guarantees protection against burning of the details of the exhaust system;


Put the product with a minimum amount of fuel in the tank;
Load 40-60 liters of diesel fuel;
As a preventive measure, operate the vehicle in normal operating mode;
For intensive cleaning and restoration, take a long trip (over 50 km) with a frequent 30-second increase in revs from 2500 to 3000 revs;

The product is effective in the early and middle stages of particulate filter clogging.

It is recommended to use it every 3,000 – 5,000 km, as a preventive measure or when the first signals appear that the filter is not functioning properly;
Regular application of the product allows regeneration of the element filter under any operating conditions;
It is safe to operate and can be applied to all types of diesel engines with a particulate filter;
Compatible with all types of diesel fuel;


Xado 30027 DPF Filter Protection (Diesel) 250ml



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