Xado Diesel-Lux – complex fuel treatment summer 10ml.

The product is used to flush the fuel system and tank. The additive effectively cleans and protects the oil from freezing during the summer season.

* Cleans the fuel system from oxides, sediments and oil contamination;
* Increases cetane number;
* Improves the diesel combustion process;
* Protects the tank and the fuel system from corrosion and wear;
* Reduces fuel consumption;
* Cleans valves and nozzles;
* Reduces the level of discharged toxic gases;
* Removes moisture from diesel.


* Before refueling, put DIESEL-LUX in the tank.

The supplement is available in summer and winter versions.

DIESEL-LUX SUMMER (for the summer season)

* When placing the product for the first time – 1 package per 20 liters of diesel.
* Preventive dose (for repeated use) – 1 package per 50 liters of diesel.


Xado Diesel-Lux – complex fuel treatment summer 10ml.



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