Xado Complex formula 5 in 1 for diesel 250ml

Super complex additive for absolute protection of your car’s fuel system. It contains a complex of effective fuel additives. It reliably and safely reduces the negative consequences of using low-quality fuel.

Increases fuel quality to Euro 5 standard
Effectively cleans all elements of the fuel system
Increases engine power by raising cetane number
It increases the energy efficiency of the fuel and contributes to its economy
Removes moisture from the fuel system and improves the low temperature properties of diesel fuel
Protects the fuel system from freezing (Antigel/Aquastop)
Protects fuel system elements and DPF from premature failure

Application method:
Pour the contents of the package into the tank and fill with fuel (one package – 250 ml. for 40-60 l, fuel)
Move on to normal operation of your vehicle.


Xado Complex formula 5 in 1 for diesel 250ml



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