XADO 40027 Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for аutomatic transmission 30ml

XADO Atomic Metal Conditoner 1 Stage MAXIMUM for Automatic transmissions is a multifunctional additive that contains Revitalizant®.

It is designed to restor, repair and protection of all types of automatic transmissions form wear and tear. The Revitalizant® forms a ceramic-metal coating on the surfaces of friction metal parts of the automatic transmission (gears, bearings, distributors), thus modifying operating surfaces and compensatingand halting any further wear and tear of the gearbox parts. As a result the geometry of parts is restored. The added Metal conditioner strengthens the lubricating oil and provides an extra level of antiwear protection.

This can be used in all types of automatic transmissions including Tiptronic®, Steptronic®, CVT, DSG (“wet” clutch) etc.
Restores surfaces and protects friction metal parts from wear;
Eliminates surface defects;
Increases performance reliability and prolongs service life span of control mechanisms;
Reduces noise and vibrations;
Damps extreme loads.
Syringe 30 ml Art. XA 40027

Oil system capacity, L 5-10 10-15 15-20
Number of syringes 1 2 3
Treatment scheme OnetimeApplication instructions
Introduce the necessary amount of the composition into the operating fluid of the automatic transmission warmed up to the operating temperature;
Operate your car in regular mode;
Revitalization® is considered to be completed after 1,500 km of run.
A typical sign for the beginning of the Revitalization® process is improvement in automatic transmission operation (noise reduction, improved smoothness of gear shifting) starting from the first kilometers of run after the treatment.

Revitalizant® is compatible with all types of transmission fluids: Dexron®, Mercon®, Mopar®, CVT, etc., neither chemically reacts with them nor changes their viscosity, friction, or other physicochemical properties.

Repeated application of the product is recommended after 100,000 km of run.


XADO 40027 Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for аutomatic transmission 30ml



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