Xado 40913 Atomex Stop leak radiator 250ml

Atomex Stop-leak radiator. Cooling system additive
Atomex Stop Leak Radiator is a highly efficient product of the latest generation for elimination of cooling system leakages in engines of all types. Completely eliminates leaks, reliably and permanently seals cracks and minor damages in pipelines and joints. Eliminates loose fit of cylinder block gaskets etc.
Warm up the engine to operating temperature, the engine must be warm but not hot. Shake the can thoroughly! Imagine the product into the radiator tank, engine running. Start the engine and let it idle for 5-10 minutes using the heater compartment included. In order to avoid possible leaks in the cooling system, use the product immediately after changing coolant.

1 bottle (250 ml) of the Atomex Stop Leak Radiator product for 10-12 liters of antifreeze.
Eliminated the need for expensive reapirs
Can be used in both Petrol & Diesel engines
Will not affect the cooling system parts (gaskets, rubber hoses, aluminum, plastic and steel radiators)
Long-term protection against rust and corrosion


Xado 40913 Atomex Stop leak radiator 250ml



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