XADO 30027 Atomex DPF cleaner and restorer 250ml

Atomex DPF Diesel particulate filter cleaner. Additive to diesel fuel.
Atomex DPF cleaner and restorer is a highly effective product for cleaning of the particulate filter without disassembling (during the car operation). Contains combustion catalysts, which ensure easy combustion and elimination of soot particles accumulated in the filter. As a result, the filter is cleaned and restored.

Easily cleans without disassembling.
Fully and quickly restores the particulate filter.
Helps to avoid expensive repair.
Removes soot particles from the filter.
Application instructions
Introduce the necessary amount of the product into the fuel tank before fueling.
Drive the car for at least 50 km while frequently keeping the engine above 2,500–3,000 rpm for 30 seconds.
Applied to all types of diesel engines equipped with particulate filters (including those with the integrated regeneration system).
Effective at the early and middle stage of the particulate filter clogging.
As a preventive measure, it is recommended to use the product every 3,000–5,000 km of run.
Compatible with all types of diesel fuel.

1 bottle (250 ml) of the product for 40–60 L of diesel fuel.

Bottle 250 ml, Art ХА 30027


XADO 30027 Atomex DPF cleaner and restorer 250ml



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