Xado ХА40060 Truck oil improver 500ml.

The product is designed for optimal protection of the friction components in the engine/mechanical transmission of heavy-duty machines. This is achieved by creating an effective multi-level protection against wear and overload.

The additive is created on the basis of a fully synthetic polyatomic polymer and a well-balanced package of anti-oxidative and extreme pressure-resistant additives. The polymer molecules are exceptionally resistant to the destructive impact of local overloads in the friction zones thanks to the covalent interatomic bonds that enable the elimination of “metal-to-metal” contact for the entire service life of the oil.


Protects against wear and overload
Increases engine/mechanical transmission life
It leads to a reduction in fuel consumption
Reduces noise and vibration

Method of application:

Place the product in an engine or transmission enclosure (transfer case, differential, axle, etc.).
After placing the product, the vehicle is used in standard mode.
The effect of the additive is throughout the entire service life of the oil.


For engines: 0.5 – 3% of the oil volume (depending on the operating mode). For mechanical gears, differentials, transfer boxes, etc. : 3 – 5% of the oil volume (depending on the operating mode).

It is recommended to use the product with every oil change.

The product is not intended for automatic gearboxes !!!


Xado ХА40060 Truck oil improver 500ml.



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