Xado ХА 42017 Maximum for gearbox 50ml.


Restores worn metal parts of the gearbox;
Improves the lubricating qualities of transmission oil;
Protects against subsequent wear of the details;
Restores the geometry of parts;
Improves timing when shifting gears;
Reduces noise and vibration of details;
Reduces friction in gearboxes.
Guarantees wear protection within 100,000 km.
Before applying the conditioner, the transmission oil must be heated to operating temperature.
Place a packing through the transmission oil plug.

One package of the additive is intended for a volume of 10 to 25 liters of gear oil.

Processing is considered complete after 50 hours of driving or 1,000 km. mileage.


Xado ХА 42017 Maximum for gearbox 50ml.



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