Xado ХА 42002 Antigel 500ml.


Reduces the freezing temperature of summer diesel -10 °C to -22 °C; on winter diesel from –35 °C to –47 °C;
Applicable to all types of diesel fuel systems including Common Rail and Unit Injector (pump nozzle);
Contains a cetane modifier, improves the fuel combustion process thanks to more efficient injection. Provides fuel economy;
Thanks to the revitalizant, it protects the fuel injection pump from wear and the infiltration of moisture into the fuel.


The antigel should be at room temperature before use.

Put the contents of the product in the fuel at a ratio of 1:1000 liters of diesel.

One package is enough for 500 liters of diesel.


Xado ХА 42002 Antigel 500ml.



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