Verylube Motor oil 10W-40 SL/CI-4 4l

Universally applicable to petrol, diesel and gas vehicles. • Effective in modern engines: multi-valve, with turbocharging, with exhaust gas recirculation systems – EGR, with direct fuel injection, etc. • Covers a wide range of specifications and approvals of the world’s manufacturers, which is a universal solution for the maintenance of cars from a mixed fleet. • Provides high and reliable protection throughout its entire period of operation. • Reliably lubricates and protects the engine and keeps its details clean. Approvals and specifications: • SAE 10W40 • ACEA A3/B4/E7 • API SL/CI-4 Plus • Global DHD-1 • Mack EO-M Plus • MB 228.3/229.1 • MAN 3275 • Volvo VDS-3 • Renault RLD • VW 500 00/505 00 • Allison C4 • MTU Type 2 • Cummins CES 20071/72/76/77/78 • ZF TE-ML 02C/03A/04B/04C/07С. Technical information Density at 20 °C, kg/l – 0.858 Viscosity at 100 °C, mm2/s – 14.7 Viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s – 97.6 Viscosity at -25 °C, mPa s <7000 Viscosity index – 167 Flash point, °C – 210 Freezing point, °C <–36 Sulphated ash, wt.% – 1.37 Alkalinity number (TBN), mgKOH/g – 10.3


Verylube Motor oil 10W-40 SL/CI-4 4l



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