Motor oil XADO 10W-60 SL/CF Rally Sport 1l

Maximum power, accelerating dynamics, resistance to extreme loads and speeds – the oil will always behave at the highest level, thanks to the patented nanocomponent formula REVITALIZANT®.

• Developed specifically for extreme operating conditions in auto rally and any other type of motor racing.

• Reliably protects the engine from wear at extreme speeds and maximum operating temperatures.

• Thanks to the maximum high temperature viscosity ( SAE 60 ), the oil provides optimal sealing between the cylinder and the piston, which provides improved power at high engine operating temperatures.

• Prevents the so-called “dry friction” between the parts when overloaded in dynamic driving modes and when etc. “cold” start of the engine when the wears are greatest. • The oil has a record low evaporation rate, resulting in lower oil consumption.

• Keeps the engine spotlessly clean.

It meets and exceeds the requirements and approvals of a number of global associations and companies (ACEA, API, MB, VW, BMW, Porsche, etc.).

Approvals and specifications:

• SAE 10W60

• ACEA A3/B4


• BMW Special Oil

• Porsche A40

• MB 229.1

• VW 500 00/ 505 00

Technical information:

Density at 20 °C, kg/l – 0.853

Viscosity at 100 °C, mm2/s – 24.8

Viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s – 170.8

Viscosity index – 179

Flash point, °C >200

Freezing temperature, °C <-36

Sulfate ash, wt.% – 1.0


Motor oil XADO 10W-60 SL/CF Rally Sport 1l



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