Wurth1893227117 MS FIX Universal 600ml black


One-component adhesive based on a modified polymer with very high initial strength.
Hardens under the influence of moisture in the air.
The strong and resilient connection is suitable for use in construction, industrial, automotive, transport and marine industries where a strong and resilient connection is required.
Certified according to: EN 15651-1 TYPE F INT-EXT/ PW EXT-INT/ XS3 CC
Conforms to: ISO 11600 Type F Class 12 sub-class E; EC Regulation 1935/2004 for food contact LEED iEQc 4.1; SCAQMD Rule 1168; BAAQMD Reg 8 Rule 51

Extremely strong adhesion and load capacity.
High resistance to dynamic and mechanical loads.
Resistance to shock load and impact.
UV resistant.
No primer needed for many of the materials.
Does not harm or stain surfaces.
It does not change its volume – it does not shrink.
Eco-friendly – no isocyanate or thinners.
Without smell.
Resistant to aging and weathering. Stable color without yellowing.

A versatile and strong, elastic adhesive for use where a strong and elastic connection is required. For use in the construction, industrial, automotive, transport and marine industries. Surfaces must be clean, dust-free, degreased and rust-free. Apply the glue in dots or lines every 10-30 cm. Always apply glue on the corners and edges of the base. If necessary, strengthen very heavy items for 24 hours. MS FIX Universal can be painted. Paint compatibility tests should be performed. Care should be taken when using paints with alcohol or alkyd resin because they can affect the rate of curing of the adhesive as well as the drying of the paint itself. It should be borne in mind that the hardness of the hardened paint can disrupt the elasticity of the glue, as well as lead to cracking of the paint layer.

*This data can only be recommendations based on our experience and intended to help you achieve optimal results in
work with our products. Due to the variety of options, conditions and ways of use, we recommend that you conduct your own experiments
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Wurth1893227117 MS FIX Universal 600ml black



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