Wurth 5457235068 DIAMOND TILE DRY CORE 68mm


Wurth 5457235068 DIAMOND TILE DRY CORE 68mm



Specially developed diamond core drill bit for dry drilling even the very hardest of materials such as stoneware. For use on angle grinders
Extremely fast drilling

due to the vacuum diamond coating

Up to 14 mm dia. with special cooling wax

Easy removal of the drill core

< 50 mm dia. with lateral slots Over 50 mm dia. with lateral slots and additional holes Notice No water necessary! Speed regulation not necessary. The drill bits are approximately 0.5 mm to 1 mm longer than required. This makes it easier to drill further into the substrate (e.g. a stone drill), preventing damage to the tile. Application area Particularly suitable for tiles and stoneware with a thickness of up to 15 mm. Thicker materials up to the specified working length can still be drilled, but more frequent pauses for cooling down will be necessary. Suitable for hard ceramic, thin granite and marble panels and hard-baked bricks. Instructions Spot drilling: Hold at an angle when the bit is moving, then gradually move it to a perpendicular position. Light circular movements increase the drilling speed and preserve the drill bits. Caution: You must pause briefly for the drill to cool down, especially when drilling for more than about 30 seconds or when drilling through thick materials. Regular pauses to allow the drill to cool down generally increase the service life of the drill bits. Only use drill bits in rotating mode! Ensure suitable protective equipment is used!


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