Wurth 1890100383 K+D basic 600ml. black

It is not corrosive.·
Protects metals from corrosion.
With a faint smell.
Does not contain silicone.
Universal application.

Exceptional adhesion on a wide range of materials and surfaces.
High elasticity.

It can be used to connect similar and dissimilar materials.
Compensates for different material expansions.
Reduces vibration and noise.
Long time to form a zipper.

Allows gluing and sealing of complex and very large details.
Assembled parts can be moved.
Can be sanded and varnished.

After the zipper is formed, it can be machined and varnished without surface activation (tolerance to varnishes should be checked by preliminary trials).


Wurth 1890100383 K+D basic 600ml. black



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