Wurth 1890100282 PU LM 600gr. Grey

Elastic, PU (polyurethane), adhesive and sealing, low-modulus construction compound for bonding and sealing various materials, such as metal, lacquered surfaces, wood, stone, concrete and plastic (polyester and rigid PVC).


Exceptional adhesion on a wide range of materials and surfaces
High elasticity
It can be used to connect similar and dissimilar materials
Compensates for the expansion of different materials up to ±50%
Good resistance to aging, weathering and cleaning solvents, seawater, and weak acids
Allows gluing and sealing of complex and very large details
Assembled parts can be moved
Can be sanded and varnished
After the zipper is formed, it can be machined and varnished without surface activation (varnish tolerance to be checked by preliminary trials)
It is not corrosive
Protects metals from corrosion
With a faint smell
Does not contain silicone
Way of working

The surfaces must be clean, dry, dust-free and degreased. Unhardened material is removed with K+D cleaner with Art. No. 0890 100 63, while hardened material is removed mechanically only.


Do not come into contact with varnishes based on alkyd resin. Not suitable for sealing glass in areas where UV reflection may occur. Exposure to direct sunlight may cause a slight yellowing of the surface layer. Not suitable for PE, PP, Teflon, silicone rubber, Styrofoam and soft plastics. The thickness of the glue layer should be at least 3 mm, for a more secure gluing.

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Wurth 1890100282 PU LM 600gr. Grey



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