Wurth 1890024230 auto glass adhesive primer


Wurth 1890024230 auto glass adhesive primer



Auto Glass Adhesive Primer is designed to ensure maximum adhesion of Wuerth auto glass adhesives. It is specially designed for the laminated ceramic strip of the auto glass.


The primer provides better adhesion on various materials such as painted surfaces, FRP, plastic, glass, aluminum and some metals. It is not suitable for use as a UV coating on transparent glasses.


Before applying the primer, the surface must be perfectly cleaned, dry, dust-free and degreased. Shake the tube well (for at least 1 minute) until you hear the sound of the metal bones inside. After use, close the bottle immediately, as the primer evaporates very quickly. Before applying the glue, make sure that the primer is well dried. Re-priming is required when the adhesive is applied more than 24 hours after the first primer application.

Consumption rate: 150g/m2

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