Wurth 0893518050 DOS Board sealant-50g


Wurth 0893518050 DOS Board sealant-50g



For sealing flanges and surfaces with large clearance. Does not run on surfaces.

Viscous product.

The sealant does not run, making it ideal for overhead and vertical surfaces.

100% compaction.

The clearances are completely sealed, which prevents future corrosion caused by friction of the elements.

Slight elasticity at 120°C.

Compensates for the expansion of different materials.

Seals instantly at low pressure.

Test pressure can be applied instantly and therefore there is no waiting time.

Also suitable for passive metals.

Suitable for sealing aluminum flanges.
One product for many materials.
Fast curing.

It helps to reduce the repair time of the cars

High resistance

High resistance to bases, gases, oils, greases, solvents and fuels.

DOS system

One-handed operation – the mechanism of the DOS system allows one-handed operation of the glue.
Precise adjustment of the dosage – the DOS system allows precise adjustment of the amount of glue that comes out of the bottle.
No material waste – Optimizing costs by using all the glue without leaving any residue on the neck of the bottle.

Automotive industry, production of metal elements and tools, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and production of electrical components.


The surfaces must be well cleaned and degreased. The board sealant is an anaerobic product, which means that it hardens in the absence of oxygen. At the same time, the rate of solidification can be affected by the catalytic effect of the metal and the width of the hole. Excess glue pushed out of the hole will not harden and can be wiped off with an acetone cloth.

Some plastics may be affected by prolonged exposure: ABS, celluloid, Styrofoam, polycarbonate (Makrolon), PMMA (Plexiglas), polysulfone, SAN (Luran, Tyril), vulcanized fibers and painted surfaces. We recommend doing your own tests.

The instructions for use and operation provided by us are advisory and are based on our tests and trials. Due to the presence of numerous applications of the products, conditions of storage and operation, we do not take responsibility for a specific result obtained after using our product. To the extent that our free customer service provides technical information or acts as an advisory service, this liability is not assumed by the service in question, except where the advice or information provided falls within the scope of our specific, agreed upon service or the advisor acts intentionally. We guarantee constant quality of our products. We reserve the right to make technical changes and further develop our products.


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