Wurth 0714691512 WHEEL BRUSH BRAIDED STEEL WITH HOLE 125х22.23mm


Wurth 0714691512 WHEEL BRUSH BRAIDED STEEL WITH HOLE 125х22.23mm



Ideal for pre- and post-processing of steel welded seams (hollow and butt weld) as well as cast surfaces. For medium- to heavy-duty brushing.
No premature opening of the bundles when the brush is positioned at an angle
Aggressive brushing effect with high wear resistance thanks to anti-clockwise braiding on the wheel brush
For use on angle grinders
Only the edge tips act on the workpiece. While excessive contact pressure does not improve the result, it does increase the required drive power and reduces the service life of the brush.
Always wear safety goggles and safety gloves when working with machine brushes!
Application area
Removes scale, rust, varnish, slag and rubber residues
Cleans concrete residue from formwork
Diameter (D)

125 mm

Effective width (A)

14 mm

Usable length of wire (H)

29 mm

Drill hole (d)

22.23 mm

Wire diameter

0.50 mm

Material of wire



Hardened, braided anti-clockwise

Max. rotation speed

12500 rpm



Suitable for angle grinder (point system)

4 of 4 points

EN standard



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