Wurth 0669142301 CUTTING DISC FOR STAINLESS STEEL 230×1.9mm


Wurth 0669142301 CUTTING DISC FOR STAINLESS STEEL 230×1.9mm



Very good standard cutting disc with good cutting efficiency and a long service life
High breakage resistance
Storage: dry, at 20°C ambient temperature
Work only with appropriate protective clothing
Always use an appropriate protective cover when performing cutting work
Only use undamaged discs
Do not jam/tilt the discs during cutting – increased risk of breakage!
Ensure proper contact pressure
Always clamp cutting discs (straight design) with metal ring towards the power tool
For further information, please refer to the package insert
Meets the maximum safety requirements in accordance with the EN 12413 European standard.
Application area
Suitable for steel and especially for stainless steel
For cutting thin-walled pipes and profiles, thin metal sheets etc.


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