Wurth 0626940850 TWIST DRILL BIT HSCO DIN 338 SMART STEP 8.5mm


Wurth 0626940850 TWIST DRILL BIT HSCO DIN 338 SMART STEP 8.5mm



The multi-performance drill bit with unique SMART STEP technology (from dia. 2.5 mm) for manually drilled high-precision circular holes in almost all materials, such as stainless steel (e.g. V2A, V4A), heat-resistant steels and titanium. Also suitable for general applications in conventional steel up to 1200 N/mm² strength as well as in cast iron, non-ferrous metals, hardwood and softwood.
Newly designed step drill tip geometry (from dia. 2.5 mm)

Significantly quicker than conventional twist drill bits

Significantly less effort compared to drilling with a conventional extra-long twist drill bit

Precise circular holes without centre-punching

Extremely convenient drilling

Saves pre-drilling, precise spot drilling without running off centre
Tilted drilling possible
Simple reboring or enlarging of an existing drill hole
Perfect for drilling out rivets
Ideal for drilling round materials or pipes with high requirements on centring, precision and service life, such as in railing construction
First twist drill bit that enables the precise handheld drilling of up to dia. 20 mm holes without predrilling

Optimised step drill tip geometry
Shank reduced to dia. 12.7 mm from > 13.0 mm nominal bore diameter for use in all common 3-jaw drill chucks
3-face shank (from dia. 4 mm)

No twisting in the drill chuck: faster, more comfortable working
Optimum transfer of force
Protection of the drill chuck from damage
Little effort required to open and close the drill chuck
Sustainable product packaging made from 100 % PCR (recycled plastic from household waste), 100 % recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Certified® in Bronze

For blind holes, please note the extended drill tip (see dimension l3)!


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