Wurth 0624930320 HSS DIN 338 SMART STEP TWIST DRILL BIT 3.2mm


Wurth 0624930320 HSS DIN 338 SMART STEP TWIST DRILL BIT 3.2mm



The manually operated high-performance drill with unique SMART STEP technology (from dia. 2.5 mm) for high-precision circular drill holes in steel up to 1000 N/mm2, aluminium, plastic, non-ferrous metals, hard and soft wood.
The original SMART STEP: the first twist drill bit with stepped drill bit tip geometry (from dia. 2.5 mm)

Precise, circular drilling

Extremely comfortable drilling

Saves pre-drilling, precise tapping without running off centre
Angled drilling possible
Simple boring or enlarging of an existing drill hole
Significantly faster than conventional twist drill bits with point thinning

Ideal for drilling out rivets and stud bolts

The first twist drill bit to enable precise, hand-guided drilling up to dia. 20 mm without pre-drilling, and when used on a box column drill, even allows precise drilling up to dia. 26.5 mm without pre-drilling

From drill diameter > 13.0 mm, shank reduced to dia. 12.7 mm for use in all common 3-jaw drill chucks

3-flat shank (from dia. 4 mm)

No spinning in the drill chuck: faster, more comfortable working
Optimal power transmission
Protects the drill chuck from damage
Little effort required to loosen and tighten the drill chuck
Product packaging made of 100 % PCR (recycled plastic from household waste), 100 % recyclable and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze


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