Wurth 0580912536 CERALINE VULCANISED FIBRE DISC 125X22,23mm P36


Wurth 0580912536 CERALINE VULCANISED FIBRE DISC 125X22,23mm P36



The disc’s specially designed carbide granulate ensures not only excellent durability, but also rapid cuts on an angle grinder

Different materials can be cut with a single device. No more time-consuming machine and accessory changes.

Quick, clean cuts

Thanks to special disc design.
The minimum disc thickness and the presence of damping slits facilitates a high circumferential speed of 80 m/s.
Extremely safe to use

The robust connection between the steel body and carbide granulate ensures durability and safety when cutting (no kick-back effect, e.g. if nails are cut).

Flexible to use and easy to operate

Either rotation direction can be selected.
Application area
Hard/softwood, wood with nails, plywood, chipboard, MDF, gypsum plasterboard and fibreboard panels, plastic (cable ducts, pipes or similar) etc. For construction and renovation work, in particular for electricians, plumbers, joiners.


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