My Shaldan Car Air Freshener Squash 80gr.

You are the owner of a paying guest accomodation and you thought since Diwali is round the corner, you will change the interiors of your paying guest accomodation so that your guests will enjoy a whole new atmosphere. You have ordered those different shades of pink and purple piants which every girl will love. After all that painting, don’t forget to place this Squash Air Freshener from My Shaldan in every room. Those gusests will be in love with the fragrance of this My Shaldan Squash Gel Air Freshener. Also, this passive Squash Gel Air Freshener will linger in your room even after you get back from your Diwali holidays, as it will last up to eight weeks.

The rich composition of limonene in this Squash Gel Air Freshener will diffuse that intoxicating aroma and create that blissful atmosphere. Besides giving you that pleasurable feeling, this Gel Air Freshener will bring to life the feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation. You can also renovate your boys hostel and fill their room with the pleasant aroma of this My Shaldan Gel Air Freshener. As you watch television lying down on your bed, enjoy the exotic fragrance of this Air Freshener from My Shaldan.


My Shaldan Car Air Freshener Squash 80gr.



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