My Shaldan Car Air Freshener Lime 80gr.

You just moved into a new apartment and you are all excited about it and you are looking for something that will create that blissful atmosphere in your house. The simple furniture is sure to make your house look beautiful. My Shaldan comes with a Lime Gel Air Freshener to give you that refreshing atmosphere. Also, this citrus fragrance will lighten your mood and give you that relaxed feeling. The My Shaldan Lime Gel Air Freshener is perfect for men and women. Your house will be filled with the natural aroma of this Gel Air Freshener. Besides comforting those guests who come to your house, this Gel Air Freshener will revive your senses.

The unique formulation of limonene in this passive My Shaldan Air Freshener will bring an instant burst of freshness to your house. Additionally, this Diffuser Air Freshener will spread that intoxicating fragrance in every corner of your house and you are sure to enjoy that enlivened ambience. After you get home from work you are sure to feel fresh and lively due to the wonderful scent of this Lime Gel Air Freshener. This Lime Air Freshener will last up to eight weeks and will create that calming atmosphere.


My Shaldan Car Air Freshener Lime 80gr.



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