My Shaldan Car Air Freshener Lemon 80gr.

Lemon is one fruit that has many benefits in terms of providing your skin with the perfect moisture and also protecting your skin from pollution. Beyond all of this the fragrance of this beautiful fruit will fill your house and give you that refreshing environment. My Shaldan comes with a Lemon Gel Air Freshener to fill your house with an intoxicating scent of citrus. Also, this Gel Air Freshener contains limonene which has a unique fragrance that you are sure to love. The My Shaldan Lemon Gel Air Freshener is perfect for men and women.

Before you go for work, clean your house and place this Lemon Gel Air Freshener in your house. After you get back from work, your house will still have the smell of the wonderful scent of this My Shaldan Air Freshener, as it will last up to eight weeks. Besides giving you that relaxed feeling, this passive Lemon Gel Air Freshener will revive your senses in the most unique way. With the presence of the unique formulation in this Air Freshener, the fragrance will linger in your house for long and comfort you. You are sure to experience rejuvenation due to the pleasant aroma of this My Shaldan Gel Air Freshener.


My Shaldan Car Air Freshener Lemon 80gr.



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