0041594903 Mercedes Benz Spark plug

004 159 49 03
Spark plug fits: MERCEDES C (C204), C (CL203), C T-MODEL (S203), C T-MODEL (S204), C (W203), C (W204), CLC (CL203), CLK (A209), CLK (C209), CLS (C219), E (A207), E (C207) 1.6-5.5 05.02-
Thread length 26.5 mm
Thread size M14 mm
Thread pitch 1.25 mm
Wrench size 16.0 mm
Tightening torque 23.0 Nm
Electrode distance 0.8 mm
Electrode position 4.0 mm
Electrode Gap [mm] 0.8
Tightening Torque [Nm] 23.0
Thread Size M 12 x 1,25
Thread Length [mm] 26.5
Spanner Size 16
Spark Position [mm] 4.0
Number of pins 1.0


0041594903 Mercedes Benz Spark plug



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