Loctite SF 770 10gr.

LOCTITE SF 770 is a polyolefin primer for surface preparation and is ideal for use with difficult-to-bond plastics.
LOCTITE® SF 770 is a primer used to make polyolefin and other low-energy surfaces suitable for bonding with LOCTITE® instant adhesives. It is only recommended for difficult-to-bond substrates which include polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and thermoplastic rubber materials. LOCTITE SF 770 is not recommended in assemblies where high peel strength is required.
  • Improves adhesion of instant adhesives to polyolefins and other low surface energy plastics
  • Only for difficult-to-bond plastics
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This product was upgraded in 2021/2022. Please utilize the product IDH/item number to ensure correct SDS is downloaded.
  • Technical Information

    Application MethodPre-Applied
    ColorClear: Ultra Clear
    Key CharacteristicsAdhesion: Improves Adhesion
    Key Characteristics, Chemical Basis/Base Heptane (Original Formula); Isopropyl Acetate (Upgrade Formula)Solvent Based

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Loctite SF 770 10gr.


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