Loctite 3430 24ml.

Structural Bonding – 2-component five-minute epoxy. General purpose. Excellent water resistance.
LOCTITE® EA 3430 is a five-minute, 2-component epoxy adhesive that ensures an optically clear bond line. The product develops high strength on a wide range of substrates and is water resistant. This adhesive is a general purpose bonder and ideal for many DIY applications. Due to the very clear bond line, it is also the product of choice for bonding glass, decorative panels and display. The medium viscosity and fast fixture time at room temperature ensure easy application.
  • Ultra-clear bond line
  • Easy and fast to apply at room temperature
  • Water resistant
  • General purpose bonder – suitable for a wide range of substrates
  • Technical Information

    ColorClear: Ultra Clear
    Fixture Time15.0 min.
    Mix Ratio, by Volume1 : 1
    Peel Strength, Steel (grit blasted)3.0 N/mm
    Work Life7.0 min.
    Specific Gravity, Mixed @ 25.0 °C1.14 – 1.2
    Specific Gravity, Resin @ 25.0 °C1.14 – 1.2
    Specific Gravity, Hardener @ 25.0 °C1.14 – 1.2


Loctite 3430 24ml.



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