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Wurth 089309 Klebfix Instant glue, DOS 20gr

Cyanoacrylate structural adhesive Klebfix.

DOS – dosing system for one-handed operation.
For bonding metal, plastic and rubber parts in seconds.

Special tip.

Precise application.
No tip clogging.
Sticks in seconds.

Possibility of immediate further processing.
Quick repairs.
No need for additional reinforcing materials.
High resistance to aging and weathering.

Silicone and solvent free


It is recommended to wear safety glasses and gloves.
If surfaces are too dry or acidic, this will delay or prevent curing, while higher moisture levels and alkaline surfaces will have an accelerating effect.
Due to the vapor pressure of the liquid adhesive, the slow solidification of excess product around the adhesion area may form a white deposit (blooming effect). This is an adhesive vapor that hardens. They can be removed with isopropanol or acetone. However, it is important to note that the surfaces of the parts to be cleaned are resistant to these solvents. Efflorescence can be prevented or reduced when adhesive is used sparingly and adequate humidity and room ventilation are provided.


Wurth 089309 Klebfix Instant glue, DOS 20gr


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