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BMW Radiator Antifreeze Coolant Concentrate LC-87 is mandatory for all BMW and Mini models manufactured up to June 2018, with the exception of diesel engines in the Mini R56. It is also available under the name “BMW Lifetime Coolant 87”.

BMW: Which coolant to top up?
Does your BMW alert you that coolant needs to be topped up? Something by the lighting up of a symbol in the BMW speedometer instrument? Or by a display in your on-board computer?
One thing is certain: Coolant must be topped up? But what do you have to pay attention to? We explain it to you:
To choose the right coolant for your BMW, your first port of call should be the vehicle manual of your car. For your BMW, the BMW spare part number of the coolant to be used is stored here in the chapter “Coolant”. If you find the BMW part number 83512355290 or BMW 83192211191, this is the reference number for the BMW radiator antifreeze concentrate LC-87.

In addition, there are other BMW coolants. For example, the BMW LC 18 coolant is required for many vehicles from the production date up to June 2018. If you are not sure which BMW coolant is the right one for your vehicle, our customer service is there to help you! Simply contact us via the specified options and quickly get competent advice.

Mix BMW radiator antifreeze correctly
BMW Lifetime Coolant 87 is a coolant concentrate. Radiator antifreeze concentrate should always be mixed with water in a certain ratio for use. The back of the bottle tells you how you should mix the coolant for your BMW:
The BMW corrosion protection agent in a mixing ratio of 1:1 mixed with water to ensure cooling at up to -40 degrees. A mixing ratio of 1:1 means that the ready-mixed coolant consists of equal parts, i.e. 50% and 50% coolant concentrate and water.

Is there a BMW coolant release?
BMW does not give explicit approvals for the coolants to be used in BMW vehicle models, unlike engine oils with BMW Longlife approvals or transmission oils with approvals such as ATF 3+ for ZF automatic transmissions.
In your owner’s manual you will find either a reference to a product name or the BMW part numbers, which will guide you to the correct BMW radiator antifreeze coolant.
The BMW radiator antifreeze concentrate is colored blue-green.

BMW OEM antifreeze
suitable for many BMW models
Blue-green colored





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