BMW 11 11 1 743 118 Bush

Dowel D=14.5 mm for centering cylinder head, transmission and flywheel
E10 1502-2002TII 1500-2000CS E9 2.5CS-3.0CSL E3 2500-3.3LI M1 E87 E21 E30 E36 E46 E90 E90 LCI E91 E91 LCI E92 E92 LCI E93 E12 E28 E34 E39 E60 E60 LCI E61 E61 LCI F07 GT F07 GT LCI F10 F10 LCI F11 F11 LCI F90 M5 G30 E24 E63 LCI E64 LCI F06 GC F06 GC LCI F12 F12 LCI F13 F13 LCI E23 E32 E38 E65 E66 F01 F01 LCI F02 F02 LCI F04 (Hyb) G11 G11 LCI G12 G12 LCI E31 F91 M8 F92 M8 F93 M8 G14 G15 G16 Gran Coupé X3 (E83) X3 (E83LCI) X5 (E53) X5 (E70) X5 (E70LCI) X5 (F15) X5 (G05) X5 M (F85) X6 (E71) X6 (E72 Hyb) X6 (F16) X6 (G06) X6 M (F86) X7 (G07) Z1 (E30) Z3 (E36) Z4 (E85) Z4 (E86) Z8 (E52)

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BMW 11 11 1 743 118 Bush



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