OE Multi-Bobines (Multi-Charge) by Delphi Technologies

The Delphi Technologies OEs range includes multinctal ignition coils designed for direct injection gasoline engines (GDI).

Due to shorter intervals of injection and ignition, combined with the poorer air/fuel mixture, today’s advanced direct injection gasoline engines (GDI) set higher requirements for the ignition system.

Designed for the difficult conditions of operation of the GDI engine, Delphi Technologies’ Multi-Charge’s ignition coil generates high voltage for short intervals. In Delphi Technologies’ ignition coil, the original spark is accompanied by several other ones that ignite the air-fuel mixture under difficult working conditions, such as high recirculation of exhaust gases or poor fuel mixtures. Fast successive sparks provide the desired ignition synchronization. In GDI engines, this is expressed in optimal combustion, significant fuel savings – up to 20% – and reduced emission compared to competitive systems for controlled time. It also helps to reduce cold start emissions by providing complete combustion of the fuel in the cylinder. No wonder the vehicles of the world’s leading car manufacturers are factory -equipped with Delphi Technologies coils like OE!

OE Delphi Technologies ignition coils are installed in more than 150 Mercedes models, including A220, C180, C200, E200, GLA200 and Vito. They are also installed as original equipment in popular applications of the Nissan Q50, Q60, including the production of original equipment by 2028. The offer of Delphi Technologies ignition coils includes more than 500 parts numbers (including multitudinal ignition coils), covering almost cover 9 thousand applications (make/model/engine) and a park of 114 million cars, which means great comprehensiveness against the background of the industry.

Delphi Pn Make Model Year Oe Pn
GN10690-12B1 Mercedes
Infiniti A220, A250, A45, B200, B220, B250, C160, C180, C200, C250, C300E, C350E, CLA220, CLA250, CLS260, E200, E250, E300, GLA, GLA, GLA2 , GLC200, GLC250, GLC300, GLC350E, GLK200, GLK250, SLC200, SLC300, SLK200, SLK300, V250, Vito
Q30, Q50, Q60, QX30 05/2012> 274 9060 600 // 274 9061 400 // A274 9060 600 // A274 9061 400
GN10691-12B1 Mercedes C43, C400, C450, CLS320, E43 AMG, E320, GL400, GL400 C43 AMG 01/2013> 276 9060 060 // 276 9067 900 // A276 9060 060 // A276 9067 900

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