NTN is a global manufacturer of OEM parts and an international player in the market for spare parts

NTN is a global manufacturer of OEM parts and an international player in the market for spare parts, which it sells under the SNR brand. The company’s offer includes many products from the chassis group, the transfer of drive and the drive.

The range of SNR suspension products is one of the most complete offers on the market. It contains over 400 items: suspension bearings, MacPherson suspension bearings, rear beam repair kits and shock absorbers, which the company produces over 30 million a year. In addition, wheels for wheels, brake discs with integrated bearing, homokinetic hinges, entire half -axes and wheel speed sensors.

Changes in automotive technology are focused on improving in several main areas: performance, quality, weight loss and compact design. Especially the last element based on combining several elements and their assignment to common functions, facilitates the operation of mechanics and minimizes the problem of choosing individual elements from a larger system.

MacPherson suspension and its simplified construction

The idea of ​​this solution is to create a simple, compact constructive solution that supports the front of the car. The structure based on the installation of the upper support on the shock absorber and the lower support with the help of a carrier. In this way, the suspension of McPherson becomes a “harmonious unit” by a shock absorber, a spring, a steering bar with a nozzle and a carrier in the form of a support that performs a support, steering and shock absorber function.

The suspension components made by NTN can be purchased at the sale points of most Bulgarian spare parts distributors.

The above attachment of the shock absorber is screwed directly to the chassis, which on the one hand performs an important structural function for the whole element, and on the other hand it makes it practically invisible. Unfortunately, this often makes it difficult to find his possible damage. The complete upper attachment of the shock absorber consists of a rubber swab, a bearing and additional mounting elements in the form of washers, glasses and nuts. Usually, the above -mentioned rubber swab or bearing is damaged.

Damage to the rubber element of the upper shock absorber can be as follows:

tearing or stratification of the tire,
decrease or increase the tire hardness,
Changing the structure of the tire.
Tire rupture can be the result of an accident, the operation of the vehicle under difficult conditions (eg on bad flooring), or the action of excessive forces as a result of damage, such as a spring or shock absorber.

The change in tire hardness is usually the result of its aging or the action of variable (high and low) temperatures.

In turn, the change in the tire structure is the result of aggressive factors in the form of oils, liquids, salt water and variable temperatures.

The defects of the rubber elements in the above attachment of the shock absorber can at best reduce the comfort of driving, in the worst, affecting a change in the suspension geometry, which will reduce the safety of driving and the perceived quality of control of the car when turning. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this item during a car review or asking a few questions to the vehicle owner about noise or so -called car sailing at sharp turns, which may imply problems with the upper shock absorber system S

Brake discs with integrated bearing

SNR is also the only manufacturer to deliver OE Original Camps for disk brake kits. The SNR does not offer separate bearings designed for disk kits, as only the factory -mounted kit guarantees the original quality and safety of the car user.

Each bearing intended for a particular type of brake disc has a specific construction. The key to the proper operation of the entire undercut is to maintain a clearance between the outer ring of the bearing and the rolling element, since the pressing of the bearing in the housing (disc) leads to a decrease in this parameter, which is provided at the design stage and continuously observed during the time of Production.

Wheeled bearings

NTN offers to its customers wheeled bearings and wheeled bearings in kits, including all necessary mounting parts that are 100% developed by design desks in France and Japan and guarantee quality and latest workmanship.

You can find the full offer of the wheel camps on the website https://www.ntn-snr.com/spare-parts-light-vehicles

Or in the offer of most Bulgarian spare parts distributors.

The rich offer from the SNR wheel camps covers almost 98% of the needs of the European Automobile Market and contains:

Almost 1300 sets of wheeled bearings,
More than 400 References Wheel Camps,
Applications for about 60 manufacturers.
The speed of the wheel speed

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