New design lower clutch pump for Peugeot/Citroen


Citroën: C-Elysee, C3 II, C4 Cactus, DS3, DS3 Cabriolet
Peugeot: 207 SW, 207, 208, 301, 2008 I
LUK catalog number: 512 0050 10

See parts catalog for current applications

The lower clutch pump can be supplied in two different versions with one part number 512 0050 10. One version corresponds to original equipment in terms of appearance and handling, the other differs.

Fig. 1: Lower clutch pump 512 0050 10 (version 1 / original equipment)
In Version 1 (Fig. 1), the vehicle side hydraulic line can be connected directly to the lower clutch pump using its adapter line. To bleed, loosen the lower locking clip of the pump connection to the first and locking position and pull the connector slightly from the housing.

After hydraulic fluid flows, return it to its original position and lock it with the retainer.

Fig. 2: Lower clutch pump 512 0050 10 (version 2)
Before installing version 2 (Fig. 2), the hydraulic line adapter on the vehicle side must be removed. Only then can a connection be made to this clutch pump.

To bleed, open the bleed valve by manually turning it 180 degrees to the right. After running, close it by turning it in the opposite direction.

Despite their different designs, both clutch pumps can be used without restriction for the vehicles listed in the catalog.

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