Hella offers a rich electronic product range

Although Hella first started in electric lighting back in 1899, today it has become an integral supplier of vehicle electronics solutions.

The number and complexity of the electronic components used in vehicles has increased in the last few years. Up to 30 percent of the value of a well-equipped new car is reduced to its electrical and more importantly-its electronic systems.

This is not a matter of fashion, but the result of the growing requirements of users for safety, convenience and entertainment. However, everything installed in a car can break someday.

In 2007, ADAC found that 52% of all damage was caused by defective software or electronics. By 2021, experts predict that this figure would be over 60 percent. In the meantime, the need for competent diagnostics, electronic spare parts and technical services is the highest of all time so far.

The extension of Hella’s product portfolio ranges from complex electronics, such as central control units and access systems, to various electronic components, including sensors and vacuum pumps.

In addition, Hella is an industrial leader in the fast -growing segments of power management systems and drivers assistance (ADas), offering a wide range of attractive innovations.

And since modern engines would not perform seamlessly without them, the perfectly functioning Hella sensors give the engine control system reliably measured values ​​for perfect comfort and driving safety.

As a constant safety indicator, Hella Pagid is proud of its wheels (ABS) sensors. In addition, Hella’s electronics portfolio offers the perfect solution that provides the experience of original equipment (OE) with drive mechanisms, ignition coils, EGR valves, throttle valves, positioning elements for central locking and switching valves.

Hella’s development projects always focus on products that increase the safety and comfort of the driver. This category includes the rain / light rain / light sensor.

The wiper automatic switch releases the driver from the need to trigger the relevant levers, and the built -in light sensor controls the switching on and off the low beam when confronted with different lighting conditions or while driving in tunnels.

With the further development of 77GHz and 24GHz radar technology, Hella also demonstrates its high level of experience in the field of radar sensors technology. The compact sensor design creates new integration opportunities, such as side -side.

This allows 360 ° view to recognizing the environment to identify moving objects around the vehicle, such as pedestrians or even static objects. This is an important safety feature, especially in environments that require a blind place.

Hella Oe’s expertise and know-how are transferred to the after-sales service segment with an extensive product portfolio and a wide coverage of vehicles.

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