Concentric pump bearing for Opel 510 0180 10 – warning

All individual packaging from LuK with concentric bearing pump 510 0180 10 will include a warning label (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Warning
It specifically states that the concentric bearing pump should not be used in combination with other manufacturers’ couplings.

The results of practice show that the use of a concentric pump bearing (Fig. 2) in combination with certain clutches from other manufacturers can lead to leakage and therefore premature failure of the clutch release system.

Fig. 2: LuK concentric pump bearing 510 0180 10
The reason for this lies in the design of certain couplings from other manufacturers, where the specific characteristics can deviate too far from the Schaeffler standards. This can subject the concentric pump bearing to excessive stress, causing damage to the sealing sleeve. This causes premature seal wear and subsequent leakage.

To prevent this type of damage, the pump bearing should only be installed with LuK couplings or as a complete set (RepSet Pro) with LuK approved couplings.

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