Clutch Kit 620 3268 00 for PSA – Improperly Machined Pressure Plate?

Once you unpack the clutch and see the pressure disc, even an experienced mechanic would look twice. Could this work? Is this a manufacturing error? “I’ve never seen a surface so smooth,” or something like that says the mechanic.

What happened here? “Usually the surface is textured, you can see the channels.”

Correct. Normal.

However, in this case it is a completely new production process. This is because the pressure disc is not cast and then machined as normal. It is formed from sheet steel using the deep drawing process, so the subsequent machining step is unnecessary.

The heat absorption capacity and friction coefficient do not change, the installation of the pressure disc fully meets the technical requirements. There are no differences in installation – so you can wonder for a second or two, but then install it calmly, without worry.

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